The Rickshaw Run – August 2015


The Rickshaw Run – What is it?

Whether you call it a rickshaw, a tuk-tuk, or a death trap, it will be our means of transportation across 3,500 km (2,175 mi) from the northeast to the south of India. The Rickshaw run will start in Shillong and finish in Kochi. We decided this run since it will be in August during our break from the boat (aka hurricane season in the Caribbean).

The Rickshaw Run is an organized fundraising event and will need to raise money for the official charity, Cool Earth and another charity that we selected – Bodhicitta, Inc.  Two fabulous charities! We will be given a pimped out Rickshaw, a starting point, and an end point. Beyond that we are mostly on our own and must reach the finish line by any means necessary. Here is a video to help you better understand:

The Unroute

We will pick up our rickshaw in Shillong a couple days early. This will give us a chance to learn to drive the vehicle (apparently not easy) and to “pimp it out” as we see fit. A party is thrown at the finish line but it is up to us to find the way from point A to point B. In other words, there is no marked out route to follow.  ZOIKS!  We might find ourselves alone in the middle of who-knows-where broken down or seeking food or lodging. The one rule is to not drive at night, so accommodations must be found each night, somewhere.

Rickshaw Run Unroute Map

Rickshaw Run Unroute Map

The Fundraisers – Raising money for Charity

Did you think we are going to drive across India, for the fun of it?  Well…  This is all in the name of charity and we need to raise money.  We have decided on two charities (Cool Earth & Bodhicitta, Inc).

Cool Earth is the official charity of the event and is an organization preserving the rainforest by working directly with 113 rainforest villages – the people most effected. By building better incomes, better schools and better clinics, they give the partner villages the resources needed to keep their forest intact.


We have also chose Bodhicitta, Inc. to help build a school for girls in Tibet. Nanea Reeves was once Dave’s supervisor at Electronic Arts and she remains an inspiration to him and many many others (read her story here). The Tibetan girls’ school is her husband Vic’s last project before he succumbs to liver cancer and we would like to help make his dream a reality. We must also raise at least £500 for Bodhicitta, Inc. Here is a video chronicling some of Vic’s incredible life’s work and reasons for his choice of project:

It is going to be an amazing and terrifying experience. Many more details to come but wanted to announce our new adventure as soon as possible so we can start blogging about the process and raise money for two amazing charities.

Many many more details to come!

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